F9 Hypercar Update – Fall 2020

Fall has arrived in New England, and despite the many challenges of this year and COVID-19, work has progressed steadily on the F9R Hypercar program. Here is an update:

We have registered the F9, F9R, and F9E trademarks, and ensured that the IP of this exciting new design is protected as an all-new FFR design.

As far as the alpha prototype car, we did a 20 minute Facebook Live video with full details of the project and where we are going. 

So much work has been accomplished! Following wind tunnel testing in late July, and track testing immediately after that, the team made the difficult decision to redesign the front end of the car to produce more down force and to make it look better.

Additionally, mold irregularities were revealed when the 1st body arrived and those mold sections have been reworked and replaced. 

Phil Frank and FFR’s design team reworked the front nose of the F9

The new design carbon fiber nose, and two (2) brand new carbon fiber bodies are on their way to our race shop. Before the year end, we will have tested the new body and the new nose design, and made a decision about production dates in 2021.

Everyone wants to know pricing and that is still up in the air as the bill of materials has not been finalized owing to the carbon fiber body costing. The design goal required a paint free carbon fiber body and we don’t want to relax that standard.

Concurrently we are working on the interior of the car and making solid progress. The alpha prototype had only a race pack gauge set up and bare aluminum interior.

We should have more details by the end of the year on the exciting F9R hyper car project.

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Dave Smith