Factory Five ‘33 Scores Cover of UK Kit Car Magazine


Rob Hawkins and his team at Kit Car Magazine (a UK publication) have done a great job testing a Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod built to UK-IVA standards by the guys at Hammink Performance. The UK kit car market is very strong, and many well-designed component cars come from small craftsmen and modest shops in England.

“It gives you the sense of speed even driving slow, so after a 200 kmh test run on a country road, it definitely got my heart racing” – Kit Car Magazine

The Factory Five ’33 is more of an American import in the UK with an emphasis on handling and performance rather than simply classic looks. The Hammink-built Factory Five ’33 is covered on page 44 as part of a 6 page article.

You can find Kit Car at some book stores, but it is not generally available in the US.

Next month, Rob and his cohorts will be testing a twin-turbo Factory Five GTM.


The magazine wrote a nice 6-page article on this white 5.0L Coyote-powered ’33 built by Hammink Performance.

“The coil-over suspension also gives you the confidence to drive fast, and you can take corners which are really not the friend of authentic hot rods, so that’s cool too.” – Kit Car Magazine.

Click here to check out Kit Car UK’s website and read more.

We can’t wait for next month when the boys test a 1,200 HP GTM!