Factory Five 818C Hard Top to Debut at Summer Open House

Following the 818S roadster and the 818R track car comes the 818C coupe.  Here are some spyshots of the soon-to-be-released Factory Five 818C hard top coupe.  The new coupe will be unveiled at the 2015 summer Open House, and we are building the chassis right now in the engineering shop.

Above: The 818S was the first car to launch a year and a half ago.  The soft top was introduced about 8 months later.

Above: The 818R followed the 818S launch.

We will introduce AND be in production on the 818C at our summer Open House on June 13th, 2015.  Some tentative details are at the bottom of this post.


Above & Below: The front windshield recession and glass are identical to the roadster 818S version.  The rake is similar (the roadster windshield rake is slightly adjustable).


Existing 818 door panels will accommodate power side windows, but will require updated door steel.

The rear hatch is designed to be hinged at the top of the rear glass, similar to our GTM.

Side rear quarter window glass incorporates an air intake slot.




The roof scoop is functional. Fresh air intake for the engine bay with an integral inner linear that ducts air through the cockpit and into the engine bay.  This is being designed as a source for cold air to the intercooler.

The 818C project involves about six months of shaping and mold making.


The 818C hard top is designed to retro-fit to all current 818S models.  It will not fit the 818R. The design includes the following features:

Power side windows
Rear quarter glass and side-vented engine bay
Hinged rear glass hatch
Inner bulkhead with rear window
Inner hard top linear with air intake duct to engine bay
Comes with front windshield glass

Pricing is not available at this time.  Production start date is estimated June 2015.

Dave Smith