Factory Five 818C Model Getting Closer To Launch

In January, we showed you our prototype shape for the new 818C removable hard top. Since then, production molds have been built and the tech/R&D team has been building an all-new car that will serve as the first 818C model. Here are some photos of the first part out of the mold. We have decided to make some minor changes to the part, but these pictures give a good idea of what the final shape will be. The production car will be unveiled at our summer Open House on June 13th here in Wareham, MA.

Pricing is still not finalized, but will be announced at our Open House when we introduce the car.

The 818C shape was made by Jim in R&D and John in Shaping.

The hard top is a removable part that replace the rear deck panel and includes a glass hatch and glass quarter windows. The glass hatch in the photo above is the plug that was made for the glass molds. DOT compliant glass is being made by our supplier.

The 818C follows the 818R and the 818S models. One of the biggest advantages of the 818 is that, with a body that is made of smaller panels, we are able to change body styles with a minimum of effort. This makes the 818 a very flexible platform, and a fun car to build because it can be upgraded and changed easily.

Rear spoiler options are not finalized yet.

Almost everyone who has visited the company remarks how the 818 is much more dramatic and aggressive in real live versus in photographs. The 818C has a very aggressive stance.

The 818C hard top is designed to retro-fit to all current 818S models. It will not fit the 818R.

The 818C design includes the following features:
Power side windows
Rear quarter glass and side-vented engine bay
Hinged rear glass hatch
Inner bulkhead with rear window
Inner hard top linear with air intake duct to engine bay
Comes with front windshield glass