Factory Five 818R Runs Faster and Faster

Following an impressive 1:59.900 lap time at Virginia International Raceway during last month’s Ultimate Track Car Challenge, Factory Five customer Wayne Presley continues to push the 818R further. Here’s a short track video from Roebling Road Raceway in Bloomingdale, GA. About half way through the video, Wayne comes up on Porsche GT3 and quickly makes the pass.

Wayne has documented his set-up and track experience over the last three months. You can read everything from his alignment specs and wrenching-turning tips on The Factory Five Forum.

Wayne will be accompanying the 818R to the 2017 SEMA Show. You can also ask Wayne a question any time on the forum.

5 comments on “Factory Five 818R Runs Faster and Faster

  1. Kenduro on

    Just curious, did that last guy in the Mustang(?) ever manage to straighten it out and pull back on the track, or did he spin out in the sand box? Trying to estimate top speed on the run, maybe near 140 mph?

  2. David on

    That things a screamer, and it still looks like he’s driving conservatively. There’s likely even more speed in there.

  3. Dolph Streichert on

    Must be embarrassing to have a home built blister your $160,000 Porsche 🙂 Great job Wayne and a beautiful car too!

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