Factory Five Army Assembles

If you know Factory Five, you know we don’t have any salesmen. Rather, our customers are our salesmen.

Recently, our truck driver Scott “Honey Badger” Bell told us every time he goes out on the road, he’s constantly swarmed with people asking about the cars. We gave him a few brochures and he quickly ran out of them. His idea was to make-up a simple four page flyer that details each car and has a return postage request where guys can send in and get a full brochure pack.

So that’s exactly what we did. Now we have a really nice, pre-printed four page flyer that Scott has been carrying around the country with him. When he was at the Arizona GoodGuys show, he said it would be cool if we gave these out to our customers since a lot of them go to car shows.

Here’s the deal – if you have a Factory Five, we’re happy to send you a pack of flyers so that if you want to help us and give information to people who ask, you have something cool to give them. Each box of flyers comes with a small pack of Factory Five kool-aid (that’s a joke). Call us at 508-291-3443 or e-mail Sally at info@factoryfive.com and we’ll send you a box of flyers.

We’ve already sent out 129 (!) boxes of flyers to Factory Five customers who go to car shows. Thanks for the good idea Scott and thanks for the help!