Factory Five August 818 Update

The last 818 update that I sent out was in April just prior to our debut of the newest 818 Coupe at Open House in June (click here to read that update).The 818 Coupe prototype debuted at our summer Open House event, and now enters production this Saturday.  The first cars are scheduled to ship this weekend, and we are planning a production rate of three per week.

The Factory Five 818 development plan continues along nicely, and I’m super excited to let you guys know that in addition to the new coupe, we are working on several drivetrain options, namely the 200 hp Subaru BRZ normally aspirated boxer motor and Ford’s 2.3L 310 hp EcoBoost 4 from the 2015 Mustang.  So the original concept of the 818 as a multi-purpose platform is almost complete with three distinct models: the 818S street car, the 818R race car, and the 818C coupe.  Now with engine choices, it will be even more flexible.

We have taken deposits (pre-orders) in chronological order for both the 818 Coupe and the optional removable hard top. We have logged about 50 orders for the car, and also another 60 orders for the hard top option for existing 818S models. Perhaps the biggest news is that I made the difficult decision to update ALL 818 models with the newly revised nose. The original 818S nose will still be available, but the new design from the coupe will be standard on all three models.

We will have all three models on display at SEMA (with updated front ends and engine choices) and production is scheduled to begin in a few weeks (September 2015).


Dave Smith

2015 Coupe and Production Hard Top Scheduling Update

The revised 818C hard top with liner has been fit and released to production.  Side glass windows have been released.

818 Coupe orders have been taken in chronological order, and it looks like we will begin production just after Labor Day. Hard top orders will follow soon afterwards, but all shipments are going to be determined by receipt of parts from outside vendors. The tech team here at Factory Five will be sending out production dates to everyone who has placed a deposit.  Our production plan is to manufacture 818 Coupes at a rate of three per week.

Left: Underside of hard top shows ducted roof scoop.  Right: Air duct to intercooler line with template for bulkhead glass.

Hard Top Changes: Following the Open House debut, we’ve made some changes to the hard top. We simply wanted a tighter fit, and the gap at the trailing edge of the window was too large. We needed to finish the design of the inner liner, bulkhead, and ducting. The new mold is complete, released, and in production. The new liner is AWESOME, and the two fresh air ducts channel air to the engine bay just past the bulkhead.

Glass: We have test fit and released the new glass side windows and are waiting on the first articles of the rear hatch glass, inner bulkhead glass, and side quarter window glass. The samples are due in this week, and the final parts are the longest lead time item in the coupe project.


Nose/fenders/grille: The fender molds were released to production and we are building stock at this time. The nose is also in production. The insert (grille section) is being revised, and is due to be completed in two weeks for production release. Headlamp units are finalized, and we are awaiting stock.  We are also working on the manual for hard top replacement on an 818S model.

Pricing: Final pricing has been established for the 818 Coupe as well as the upgrade parts. The 818 Coupe model is $12,990.

The hard top upgrade is $2,999, and includes the hard top with functional liner, cockpit bulkhead with glass, rear quarter glass, hinged rear hatch with glass, and power side windows with exterior door handles.

Front nose upgrade is $799, and includes two fenders, head lamp buckets and lenses, projector head lamps, eight (8) LED indicators, bolt-in grille insert with mesh, and steel mount brackets for retro fit to 818S nose.

We’ll let everybody know when parts are released and available for sale with a similar e-mail blast and web post.

818 Coupe Heads to the Wind Tunnel


The production 818C is headed to the wind tunnel for two days of testing just after Labor Day. The car will get downforce optimization of the rear diffuser and front splitter as well as testing of new canards, and final drag numbers using production nose, grille, and roof with functional vents.

PowerNation’s “Engine Power” Show to Build an EcoBoost 818!


In addition to providing design options for the 818, we’ve been looking at continuing to offer powertrain options. A lot of people have been asking for American engines to be used in the 818. We’ve worked with the guys from Ford, and will be filming a show with PowerNation’s “Engine Power” in October to install the new 2.3L EcoBoost 4 from the 2015 Mustang. We are also adding the Subaru BRZ engine which is a 200 hp normally aspirated boxer engine. Both of these new powerplants promise big fun and will debut at SEMA 2015.

Watch ElectricFederal’s Factory Five Tour and 818 Driving Video!

A few months, the guys from ElectricFederal spent a few days at Factory Five with the 818. ElectricFederal is an internet-based video production company focusing on all things automotive. The guys did a nice job on a plant tour and 818 video which is posted on YouTube. Watch the video above.

Providence Journal Profiles Customer Chris M.’s 818 Build


Congratulations to Factory Five customer Chris M. and his 818S build for being featured in a Providence Journal Automotive Section article. Chris is one of many 818 customers who are finishing their cars and putting up impressive numbers. Read the full story here.

818C Featured in Kit Car UK Magazine!


Thanks to the crew at Kit Car Magazine in the UK for a fun write-up on the new 818C! We originally forecasted that production would begin in August, and due to some production delays, we are updating the initial 818C shipments will begin in September.