Factory Five Crew Hard at Work After Winter Storm Hercules

Kevin G. in welding is working on the Hot Rod fixed-jig this morning.

Winter Storm Hercules hit the New England area pretty hard Thursday night, but the roads are all clear now. We’ve got a couple of warmer days here in New England (highs in the low 50s today!), and the entire Factory Five team is back to work.  Our tech crew is working on replying to all messages and e-mails from the weekend, while operations is building and packing kits to go out.

We’ve also got a full showroom of cars, so if you’re in the area, come on by for a tour this week!

Jay Kravitz in tech support goes wireless to look in the Coupe engine bay while helping a customer.

Think it’s time to ask Sally to take the Christmas tree in the showroom down.

Chris R. gives the snow plow a quick tune up after cleaning the parking lot of snow.

Mariah J. works on finish-welding a Mk4 Roadster chassis.

Jon D. and  Josh G. are about to pull this 818 chassis out of the fixed-jig.

Mark Z. and  Cody J. lay up new panels in the molding department.

Dave C. works on packing up parts for this week’s kit shipments.

Craig B. and Fred A. get a Roadster kit on the lift for final prep before shipping.

The R&D shop is getting ready to start work on some new projects this year.