Factory Five Customer Builds His Dream Mk4 Roadster!

Factory Five customer Andy D., like many of us, has dreamed of owning a Cobra since he was a kid, and after seeing Factory Five’s Mk4 Roadster, he knew it was the perfect project for him.  He ordered his Mk4 in April 2012 on his 33rd birthday and got started on his build shortly after.


Andy build FFR #7815RD wanting to capture the spirit of the originals.  His Mk4 has a 455 HP 347 stroker, Dart pro aluminum heads, manual steering, manual brakes, and 15″ Halibrand wheels with Goodyear tires.  As Andy put it, “just pure, raw race car.”


Since completing his build in September of 2013, Andy has met up with other Factory Five customers in his area via The Factory Five Forum to attend car shows and go on cruises.  Andy loves showing the car to everyone he can and sharing his build stories.


Congratulations Andy on a great build!