Factory Five Customer Charles Roybal's FFR 4372

Stunning Black Mk3 Roadster Details and Photos

Factory Five customer Charles Roybal posted photos of his completed Mk3 Roadster on The Factory Five Forum. They were so cool, I asked Mad Dog to post them here.

Charles writes:

“I received my Mk3 on 10-19-04….that day I regressed to being a child again on Christmas morning. I ran out of money twice during the build…. which explains why it took so long to finish. I frugally set aside $$$…. spent it on wheels & tires when I desperately needed office work shoes. Possibly there may have been some conflict in my finical priorities…naaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! In the end she came out exactly how I envisioned her to look and run. I got her on the road 8-31-10 & I have logged 7,359 ” Fun “miles.”

“I want to thank Mike Boyd, Ron Ice & Craig Small for all their help and friendship. David Lewis and the Alpine C-cars for encouraging me to go with them to the Texas C-car Club meet in San Marcos, TX. I had the time of my life. The ride gave me “pudding face”. Dave Smith and FFR, thank you so much for making my 30yr dream come true. I also need to thank Grace for letting me build my car in her garage…using up all her terrycloth towels, smelling up the house with all kinds of fumes when I inadvertently left the kitchen door open…..AGAIN!!!! I need to thank T-1000 for not giving me a ticket (s) when I was go-karting in the “hood”. Jeff Miller for a magical paint job & also for taking out the dent in the fender I put in on Mike Boyd’s trailer……long embarrassing story!!!!!”

“Here is the short list:
Mk3 ,3-link, VPM 3- link mod & F/R sway, bars 327’s, Fox wide Yukon axles
408W Keith Craft 530 hp/535f/t.
TKO 500,cobra HD clutch, Lakewood
GT brakes, hawk pads, drill/slotted rotors/cool air break ducts front, braided lines
Team III’s, 17’s 315 rear,255 front
Bat man paint

Charles Roybal”