Factory Five Customer David P. Visits from Texas

I was honored to host Factory Five customer David P. and his wife Shelly for a visit here at Factory Five Racing.  David works for Mission Control/NASA down in Houston, TX, and brought with him a very special gift for us here at Factory Five.

The “Fallen Heroes” Memorial Patch commemorates the three lost missions of the space program: Apollo 1 – January 27, 1967, The Challenger – January 28, 1986, and the Columbia – February 1, 2003.

Close-up detail of the Memorial Patch.

Customer Dave P. built and drives a Factory Five Mk3.1 Roadster in Texas.

Dave is one of many Texas-area, south central customers.  We have been meaning to schedule an event in this region for quite a while.

Thanks Dave for thinking of us and for your work on behalf of America’s manned space missions!

Dave Smith