Factory Five Customer Erik H. Builds All-Electric 818S!

Erik (right) attended last year’s Factory Five Open House.  We grabbed this photo of him with Sally (left) and Tony (middle).

Erik Hansen runs a company called 33 Machine (moonlights from his day job).  He sponsored the Factory Five Huntington Beach for the past few years, and has built an award-winning ’33 Hot Rod.

When the 818 was launched, Erik pioneered the idea of building an all-electric version, perhaps taking a page Tesla’s playbook.  The car is set to debut at the 2014 Huntington Beach Cruise-In (Saturday, April 26th).  Check out the videos of Erik’s progress to date.

Dave Smith

Get a sneak peek at Erik’s electric 818S in the trailer above.

Erik and his pit crew test the electric 818 around their shop.




Follow along with Erik’s electric 818S progress on The Factory Five Forum.