Factory Five Customer Erik. T Cruises Alabama in His 818

Factory Five customer Erik T. has built several FFRs over the years, and this past June, Erik picked up an 818S following the 2013 Open House.  Seven months later, he’s driving his completed 818 which he calls “The Flash” and sent us some photos of it around town in Alabama.  Erik says the car is a blast to drive!


“60’s in Alabama today, so I decided to give the City of Huntsville an introduction to the 818,” wrote Erik.  “Got a lot of beeps and waves.”

One rocket next to another.

Erik has been keeping a build journal on The Factory Five Forum for his 818S keeping everyone posted on the progress and what he’s up to with his 818S.  Click here to read it.

Erik with his 818S in June 2013 before loading it on his trailer and bringing it home to Alabama.

Seven months later, Erik is driving his 818 to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Alabama.