Factory Five Customer Gary F. and FFR #4683 Travel Around Europe


It’s amazing just how far the Factory Five community spans, and we were reminded of this recently by customer Gary F. from southern Spain.  Gary visited Factory Five’s Wareham headquarters back in 2012 during a motorcycle tour of the United States (you can read about his trip here).  It wasn’t long after that when Gary found a finished Mk2 Roadster for sale in California, which he quickly purchased.


The Mk2 was shipped from Los Angeles to London where Gary then began a tour across Europe, ultimately ending in southern Spain.  Gary and his wife have done the drive from Spain to London and back a few times now in the car in all sorts of weather condition.  “While we prefer sunshine,” writes Gary, “bad weather does not prevent us from driving the car, including heavy rain.  We find the faster the car is driven in the rain, the drier we stay.”

Gary’s son Charlie behind the wheel of their Mk2 Roadster in Spain.

Gary said he enjoys driving his Factory Five through the mountain roads the most.  One thing is for certain: The Roadster draws a ton of attention in Spain wherever he takes it!


Here are some specs on the car:

FFR Serial Number # FFR4635
FFR ball joint, front suspension, upper arm
Summit clutch cable and quadrant
FMS fuel pump 190L
FMS clutch kit 10.5 inch
FMS Ford racing flywheel
Shortened and balanced driveline
FFR upper and lower rear control arms
FFR Autometer gauge set
FFR Bilstein coilover rear shocks and springs
FFR Bilstein coilover front shocks and springs
Earl’s oil cooling system and thermostat
Custom made cooling system and overflow tank
Side pipe heat shields
FMS 3.55 rear end
Ford T-5 transmission
Ford 5.0L engine with an estimated +/- 350 HP
24# fuel injectors

Paint by Ken’s Custom Auto Paint, Yuba City
Custom fabricated wheels, with MT street radials.

Thanks for sharing these great photos, Gary!  Keep us posted on your trips in the Roadster throughout Europe!