Factory Five Customer Harold D. Builds Mk4 with Family

Factory Five customer Harold D. from Peru, IL recently shared some of his Mk4 Roadster build photos with us and said he is getting close to the go-cart stage in a week or so.  It’s been a family build with help from his 79 year old father as well as his nephews, Kyle, Ryan, and Brett.


Harold received his base Mk4 kit back in July of this year with Stewart delivering it to him in Illinois. The 302 crate engine has already been installed, wiring is well underway, and the guys hope to get some go-cart driving in before winter comes as they’ve already started to get some snow in his area.

Harold’s dad shows his nephews Ryan and Brett how to assemble the front suspension.  If all goes as planned, the car will be on the road this coming May for his 80th birthday.

Thanks for sharing the photos, Harold! We look forward to more stories of you and your family working on the Roadster!