Factory Five Customer Jim K. Shows Off His Record GTM

One of the best things about the warm weather arriving here in New England is that we get a steady stream of friends and cool cars visiting the plant.  Factory Five customer Jim K. (forum handle “Kalstar” on The Factory Five Forum) stopped by at the end of a 400 mile day!  He had driven his car up to New Hampshire and around the area on a perfect New England spring day.

Left to Right: Factory Five Ops Manager Nate Johnson, customers Ron E. and Jim K., and Dave Smith

Many of you may not be aware, but Jim has done an outstanding job on his GTM build.  He had documented the build on the forum, and he has put every single expenditure onto a spreadsheet to prove that he was able to build a GTM for under $30,000!  That is not the normal amount of money a guy spends on a GTM, and to make it more impressive, his car has won several show car trophies. Not only did Jim build a beautiful GTM, he is also a leader in the Factory Five community.  He’s helped a ton of people and he never seeks out any recognition.

Jim also has an 818S, and reports that he will be at the summer Open House on June 13th.  Great job on your car Jim, and it was great to see you!

Dave Smith