Factory Five Customer Joe K. Stops by From Brewster

Every day is an interesting one here at Factory Five because you never know who will stop by and what they will be driving. Today, for example, Factory Five customer Joe K. from Brewster, MA cruised by in his FFR Mk2 Roadster to pick-up some parts and show off his car.

We get a good number of tours here every day and as Joe was leaving, a customer was checking out his car and I heard Joe say, “Just do it! Build the car, it’s the best thing I ever did!” I couldn’t agree more.

Joe did a lot of customer work on his car like to cool cut-down windshield and spartan interior with strictly functional gauges and toggles, customer e-brake, and trick brake-proportioning valve.  Dig on the stealth shift light under the dash. Very cool!

Customer quick jacks, custom rollbar, silver-on-black paint, and Bullit wheels round off a very aggressive street fighter look.

Joe parked next to Factory Five Racing Director of Engineering Jesper Ingerslev’s brand-new ’33 Hot Rod.

Jason Lavigne
Tech Sales Manager