Factory Five Customer John H. Graduates FFR #7388

Factory Five customer and forum member John H. from Florida recently posted his Graduation thread for his Mk4 Roadster, FFR 7388!


John purchased his Mk4 in November 2010 with the Factory Five IRS, 15″ Halibrand Replica Wheels, polished stainless steel side pipes, front and rear nudge bars, leather seats, sun visors, and wind wings. To help give his Mk4 a real clean look, John opted to not install the hood scoop or roll bar.


The engine is a Ford 306 with E cam and Powerjection III mated to a Tremec T5. John has already put over 500 miles on his Mk4.



Congratulations on a great build, John! Click here to view John’s Graduation thread on The Factory Five Forum.