Factory Five Customer Karen S. Brings #28 Home!

If you’ve followed any news in the Factory Five community, you’ve likely heard of Dr. Karen Salvaggio. Karen’s list of accomplishments is almost as long as the list of people who are lucky to call her a friend… and that’s A LOT! Karen has raced her numerous Factory Fives (Challenge Cars and Coupes) to West Coast Championships, she has completed the astoundingly difficult 25 Hours of Thunderhill many times, and has been a tremendous friend of anyone connected to the words Factory Five Racing. In 2010, she was awarded the Factory Five “Legacy Award”. It seems every time I hear of some cool West Coast event, Karen’s name pops up!


Last week, I got this cool picture from Karen of her street-legal race coupe on hallowed ground… the Bonneville Salt Flats. She had just finished running her car up at Miller Motorsports Park, and made a small trek over to the Salt Flats on her way home.

Karen is going to be leading a team of women in an upcoming, all-women Factory Five build for cable TV next year!

Thanks for the beautiful picture Karen, and for all the love, stoke, and friendship you’ve given to so many in the FFR community!

Dave Smith