Factory Five Customer Patrick A.’s 1100HP GTM

Factory Five customer Patrick A. sent FFR’s Tony Zullo some photos and a YouTube video this morning of his GTM. When Tony clicked play, the sound caused everyone in the office to gather around Tony’s desk.

Patrick is in the process of finishing his GTM build, and he recently put it on the dyno to put the all aluminum – twin turbocharged –  LS2 to the test. The engine is fully built and stroked to 383 displacement, using a Callies crank, forged Wiseco pistons, Callies con rods, Victor Jr. lower intake, sheet metal intake, and a set of 245 Trick Flow heads. Topping things off is a pair of Precision 67 mm turbos pushing air through a custom air-to-water intercooler, helping to maintain some extremely cool IATs in the hot Houston summer.

The motor is set up to support upward of 1500+ RWHP (!) and the power is sent through a Ricardo gearbox with upgraded axles and a pair of 345 Mickey Thompson drag radials. The engine management system is an HP Tuners setup with some custom tunes – one set at 850 RWHP and another at 1100 RWHP.

You can check out a video below of Patrick’s GTM on the dyno, using the 1100 RWHP tune, which was on 18 PSI and 18 degrees of timing without ice in the cooler-box.

Patrick plans to turn up the boost to 24 lbs., add C16 and ice to the box, and projects that will get him to 1400 RWHP, but mentioned he’ll also need a more robust engine management system to handle it.

Recently, he was invited to display his GTM at the Texas Invitational in October and is working hard to get all of the finishing touches done. Great work, Patrick!