Factory Five Customer Paul D. Cruises #6050 Before Going to Paint

Factory Five customer Paul D. from Londonderry, NH posted a fun video on Factory Five’s Facebook page back in January, cruising around town in his Mk3 Roadster, still in gel-coat. More recently, he sent us some photos of his build that we thought we’d share with you.

Paul ordered his Mk3 Roadster in June 2007 and it was delivered the following August. He used a ’91 Ford Mustang GT as a donor car, utilizing the 5.0L engine, T-5 transmission, 8.8 rear end with a 3.08 ratio, the gas tank, and pedals for his build. Everything else was built with all-new parts from Factory Five and other vendors. While he hasn’t dynoed his Roadster yet, Paul says he’s going with the original spec of 225 HP.

Paul registered his car while the body was still in the bare gel-coat phase. He’s having too much fun driving the Roadster right now, but says he’ll get to painting it eventually. His plan is to do either a black with silver or white stripes paint scheme or maybe paint it white with an Italian flag style racing stripe (red and green).

As a fan of the Dustin Hoffman film “The Graduate”, Paul set out to make his own rendition of one of his favorite scenes – the drive around San Francisco in his Alfa. You can check out Paul’s video below.

Thanks for sharing your build, Paul!