Factory Five Customer Pilots a Roadster and YAK 52 – Palomar Airport

I received this AWESOME letter today from FFR cust Steve Fischer and had to share!


I traded rides with the owner of this 1980’s Romanian built Russian fighter trainer (Yakovlev 52) last Sunday. After some sightseeing and a few aileron rolls we went for a drive up the coast in Carlsbad. Now normally I get a few thumbs up or nods when out-and-about but this was a little different. As we headed up the 101 several racing bikes approached, before I knew what was happening I had a hand in my face wanting a high-five…well I gave him one and then they speed through the upcoming red light. I turned to my copilot, smiled and said, “it happens all the time.” Time will tell if he gets interesting in a build.

As always, thanks for the good times.

Steve and Family – Carlsbad, CA

Photo/plane courtesy of Roger B.”

Thanks for the Stoke buddy!

Dave Smith