Factory Five Customer Rob B.'s Mk3 Build Profiled in Kit Car UK!

kitcar-uk-rob-barron-mk4-sept15-1Factory Five customer Rob B. is featured in a new article published in the September 2015 issue of Kit Car Magazine in the UK.  In the article, Rob details his build story of his Factory Five Mk3 Roadster which he purchased in 2006 and worked on it for seven years to complete his car just the way he wanted it.

“From the very start of the project,” writes Rob,” I made two promises to myself: pay attention to every details – every component, tube, fastener – everything. No shortcuts.  Secondly, have fun.  This is about the journey, not the destination.”

Rob used the Factory Five Mk3 Roadster as the starting off point for his build making a bunch of custom parts for the car and paying attention to the little details like his brake lines routing parallel to the frame.  Rob powers his Roadster with a Ford 482 ci., all-aluminum Ford FE engine putting out 511 hp and 508 ft.-lb. of torque at the rear wheels.

“The FFR kit is wonderful to be sure,” said Rob, “but there were quite a few times where I wanted to do something different.  Being able to customize parts and use m skills has been such an important part of the project.”


Congratulations on a great build and magazine article, Rob!  Check out the image below for more details on Rob’s Mk3 Roadster, or pick up a copy of Kit Car to read the full article here.