Factory Five Customer Ron L. Completes FFR #7214


Factory Five customer Ron L. posted on The Factory Five Forum that he has finished his Mk4 Roadster after 3 years of fun and hard work.


Here are the details on Ron’s build:

Engine is a 347 which Ron built using PowerJection 3 from Very Cool Parts.
Transmission is a Super Alloy T-5 from Levy Racing.
3-Link Rear Suspension
17″ Bullitt style wheels from OE Wheels LLC.
Excellent paint & body work by Whitby Motorcars. Color is Grabber Orange with Silver Gray metallic stripes to match the wheels & roll bars.


A cool feature that Ron added was a way to control the turn signals with push buttons on the steering wheel by using a self cancelling motorcycle module. The horn button is also on the steering wheel.


To celebrate the completion of his Roadster, Ron took it to the Virginia Aviation Museum at Richmond International Airport. Congratulations on your Roadster graduation, Ron! Thanks for sharing these awesome photos!