Factory Five Customer Steve C. Builds a Beauty

By far the best part of my job is seeing the cars that are built from the component kits that we make.  Every time I get a little down about the state of our nation, I’m reminded by one of our customers that we have a country of craftsmen, builders, and inventors!

Factory Five Steve C. sent me these photos of his Mk4 Roadster project.  From his killer garage to his meticulous build, his build is quite impressive.  Check out these photos, and congratulations Steve on a beautiful car!

Steve has a well appointed work space for sure.

The turned aluminum is a fantastic add.

A Ford in a Ford is always a good idea.

Big 315 tires on a 3-link suspension means business.

It’s almost a share to cover all of this up!

Steve’s finished car came out great!  Love the paint and details.