Factory Five Customer Thomas L. Gets Thanks for Service

I was lucky to give a brief tour of the company to Thomas Learned and his family who were up from Texas.  Thomas is a 21-year United States Army Veteran, retired Apache helicopter mechanic.  Thomas served three combat tours.  He is interested in building a Hot Rod, but since my flame ’33 was at the back of the showroom, we decided to take a quick spin in the Mk4 Roadster.

After the test drive, we did a quick tour of the plant and were able to say a collective “Thank you” for a career dedicated to keeping all of us Americans safe.

Dave Smith

Thomas and family in the Factory Five showroom.

It’s fun to take people on test drives where we can do some basic car handling demos like understeer, oversteer, and some nice tasty donuts…

I swear I’m ALMOST able to lift my front wheels when the Toyo R888’s are nice and hot.

Please don’t forward this photo to Stan at Toyo Tires. 🙂

After the test drive, we did a quick tour of the plant.