Factory Five Customer’s Roadster Featured on Hot August Nights Poster

Factory Five customer Darrell L. from Sparks, NV had the opportunity recently to have his Factory Five Mk3 Roadster photographed for a Hot August Nights poster, celebrating their 27th anniversary.


This past May, Darrell was contacted by a friend to see if his Roadster could be used in a photo shoot.  Shortly after that, Darrell was showing up to a nice place in western Reno with a huge shop out back where a garage set was being given the finishing touches along with a full photo crew and equipment.

The garage was set up with Darrell’s Roadster next to the workbench and a Camaro parked next to it.  Unfortunately, Darrell was unable to hang around long enough to watch the actual photo shoot, but he was very pleased when he received a copy of the poster in the mail.

“Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the finished product,” wrote Darrell. “I was expecting to just see the rear tail light or something! Unfortunately can’t see my foglights or stripes – but you can just make out the SCCA sticker in the windshield. ”

The image will be on display in the lobby of the Grand Sierra Casino during the show on Saturday, Aug. 3 in Reno.

Congratulations Darrell on having your car featured by Hot August Nights!