Factory Five Customers Tim and Alicia J. Mk4 Profile

Factory Five customer Tim and Alicia J. from Ventura, CA sent us these photos of their Mk4 Roadster that they built together over the course of a year and have since put over 1,300 miles on the car.


The project was a dream of Tim’s for over 15 years.  He built the engine, a 552 ci Ford big block, and put the car together in about six months.  Tim also did the bodywork, with a lot of help from his wife Alicia sanding. “I pretty much learned those skills on this project!” wrote Tim.  “This was the most rewarding project I’ve ever taken on.”


Along with the Ford crate engine, Tim and Alicia’s Mk4 also features a Tremec TKO600, Factory Five 3-link suspension, and an 8’8″ rear end out of a 2000 Mustang GT.  Click here to read full specs on their Roadster.


Since completing their Mk4 Roadster, Tim and Alicia have put over 1,300 miles.  “The cars handles great,” said Tim.  “It has loads of power which is a great combination for the twisty canyon roads out here in Southern California.”


Congratulations Tim and Alicia on an awesome Mk4 build!  Hope to see you at next year’s Huntington Beach Cruise-In.

Photos taken by Betsy Sergeant Snow.