Factory Five Export Nation Part 2

The Shipping Crew Spend Day Getting Kits Ready to Ship Around the World

Back in 2009, we posted about our how international shipments have increased. This week, the guys in shipping built crates for EIGHT (!) out going international orders, with most of them heading to Chris Canning’s Component Cars Australia headquarters. We are excited about the growth of our export business and stoked that more people around the world are building Factory Fives.

Dave Smith

Here’s a cool way to fit more cars into a shipping container and only pay for one crate. Both cars, only one crated. Sort of like the space shuttle being carried on a 747!

Here’s a cool photo of the Mk4 in the outgoing shipping crate.

The week started easy enough…

…but the crates kept coming. Eight cars in all!

These are the boxes that go inside of the crate.