Factory Five Family Friday!

Spring is in full swing! The warmer weather reminds us that summer is coming, and with kids home from school, the family often gets involved in making our Factory Five dreams come true. Here are some Factory Five family pictures shared recently on social media that breathe life into the meaning behind Factory Five Family.

Jon A.’s son, Bear enjoying some time in the driver’s seat of Jon’s MkIII Roadster. Jon added, “it’s nice not having it painted so we don’t have to worry too much about him sitting or leaning on it.”
William L. has “had several fast cars but never a car that handled this well. I completed the car 10 days before race-week started, and it made it’s first pass 8hrs away from home on race-week. My copilot is my son, Liam Leak who is 9yo in the 3rd grade. We race dirt-bikes and he’s into cars as well. I’m not a car show person, and not very competitive in drag racing, I just like building things and having fun.
Kris B. was able to reconnect with the original owner of his beautiful Mk4 Roadster, Steve C. The meticulous build is quite impressive, and big 315 tires on a 3-link suspension means business. Kris B. shared this photo of his grandson, Sparky (Parker) with his MK4 Roadster and says “he absolutely loves my Factory Five Mk4 and wears a Cobra t-shirt constantly.”
Nick Arnold’s son enjoys “driving” his Factory Five Roadster with a soon-to-be 427W engine, (happy belated 427 day!) from BluePrint. It has Wilwood brakes, and IRS. Nick captioned the photo of his son, “Think we got a gear-head in the family.”
Zach Wiest is building a Mk4 with a Gen 3 coyote engine, TKX transmission, IRS, power steering, and 15” wheels. Zach says, “building an FFR Roadster has been a decades long dream for me. Most of the assembly is happening in my basement, where the whole family can participate. That includes my wife Monica, and daughters Roguen (10), Quinn (4), and Emersyn (2) who has a habit of sneaking down to the basement, finding a random part in the boxes, and trying to find a place to put it!”

If you have any pictures with your Factory Five and family and/or friends, feel free to share with us at info@factoryfive.com.