Factory Five on Fast N’ Loud

A few months ago, we filmed the season finale of Discovery Channel’s show “Fast N’ Loud.” It was a fun episode where the guys from Gas Monkey Garage built a $300,000 Detomaso Pantera track car for NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. He challenged fellow NASCAR driver Joey Logano to a race on the show, and Joey called us up to ask if he could use the Type 65 Coupe we built with him and the guys from Snap-On Tools earlier this year. We sent the car down to Charlotte, and the only change we made to the car is we added slicks. Total cost to build our car was about $80,000 in parts and paint.

The show aired this past Monday, and you can watch it now on Discovery’s website.

Factory Five’s Jim Schenck talks with Snap-On’s Scott Sengpiel in the pits at Charlotte.

The Pantera was a highly-built and highly-developed car with 500+ HP, 12″ wide slicks, full race cage… the works.

Filming took up most of the day, and racing took place at night.

The Factory Five Type 65 Coupe-R has the same suspension and aero set-up as John George’s Factory Five Coupe that won the NASA ST2 Class National title this year.

Joey Logano is a talented driver and super fun to work with.

Click here to watch the full episode on Discovery’s website.