Factory Five Gen 3 Coupe Featured in Ford Performance’s PRI Booth!

The PRI Show in Indianapolis continues to grow and attract more companies. What an honor it was too have our new Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe-R in the Ford Performance display!  The Coupe-R features Ford’s new 5.2L Aluminator 52XS engine and was swarmed all three days of the show.

Ford’s Doug White, Factory Five’s Dave Smith, and Snap-On’s Scott Sengpiel are interviewed with the new Coupe in Ford’s display by Power Automedia’s Carl Robinson.

The Coupe was right at home with all of the Ford hardware.

Factory Five President Dave Smith made the trip out  for the along and was joined by Jesper (Engineering) and Jim (R&D). Also at the show were a good number of Factory Five customers. Wayne Presley and Erik Treves helped out in the booth, and Jeff Kliener made the short few hour drive to visit on Friday.

The show that started out tightly focused on Racing has expanded wonderfully.

Dave Smith and Scott from Snap-On.

Dave Smith and Kip from Moser.

Dave Smith with former PowerNation TV host Courtney Hansen.

Customers Wayne Presley, Brian Legg, and Erik Treves.