Factory Five GTM at “Evolution of the Supercar” Exhibit

Above: Factory Five customer James K.’s GTM Supercar on display at Larz Anderson Museum, Brookline, MA.

Factory Five customer James Kalweit has earned a reputation for his frugal, but flawless GTM build. Jim combines re-purposed donor parts and well considered new parts with his creativity and craftsmanship to build exceptional cars without an exceptional budget. A testament to Jim’s quality is that his Factory Five GTM was selected by the Larz Anderson Museum to parts of their exhibit “Supercars: Origins and Evolutions.”

Left to Right: Nate Johnson, Ron Everitt, James Kalweit, and Dave Smith

Not only is the car a beautiful show car, James drives the car regularly here in New Endland!

The interior is well appointed and matches the stunning exterior lines.

The Supercar exhibit was recently featured in the summer edition of Mesh New England Magazine.

Jim is a regular on The Factory Five Forum helping customers with their own GTM builds and providing tips on how to build high-quality cars without breaking the bank.

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  1. David R Fair Sr on

    Do u have a brochure on the GTM. I want to read and see how it’s constructed and the options for the drivetrain. Thks DR Fair Sr

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