Factory Five GTM in UK Kit Car Magazine with a Surprise!

Last month, a 1,200 HP twin-turbo GTM was featured by Rob Hawkins, editor of UK Kit Car Magazine.  This month, another GTM built radically different was featured.

Most Factory Five GTMs are built with LS V8-power, and this one was built with a turbo-charged Vauxhall Opel twin cam 2-litre engine! Editor Rob met up with Jochin Thissen and the crew from Igel Motorsports at Assen Circuit in the Netherlands to photograph and test the blue and white Factory Five GTM.

There have been some very impressive and very custom Factory Five builds coming out of Europe, and the UK Kit Car Magazine is a treasure trove of custom-built cars on the other side of the pond.  In this country, both kit car magazines no longer publish, but editor Steve Temple produces an excellent online magazine called Car Builder.

Factory Five