Factory Five Heads West for Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017

We are heading to Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, AZ in a month! We will be bringing out our big rig and show cars for the entire nine day event, and everyone is invited! We will also be building a steel-bodied ’33 Hot Rod in the televised DIY area, and customers are invited to join us on this build (contact tony@factoryfive.com).

This will be the first time since 1997 that we have attended the huge Scottsdale, AZ Barrett-Jackson auction.  We have a great crew and great cars scheduled for this event, and we are really hoping to meet with tons of southwest area Factory Five customers. If you want your car in the show (not auctioned), we do have a few featured vehicles spaces in front of our truck available (contact tony@factoryfive.com).

Above & Below: As of December 15, 2016, two Factory Fives are scheduled for the auction. The first one is our custom Special Edition ’33 Hot Rod built with Hot Rod Magazine and customer Bob B. has listed his beautiful steam punk GTM (below).

We are looking forward to attending this huge show. We will be bringing the new Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe along with our latest Factory Fives. Hope to see you in Scottsdale this coming January!

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  1. Dave Lindsey on

    Hi Lew – Yes, we will be at the 2018 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale show! Stay tuned to our website as we’ll be posting our 2018 show schedule and more details on what we’ll be bringing to Barrett-Jackson soon.

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