Factory Five Hot Rod Makes Top 10 List

NASCAR Driver Picks FFR ’33 for Top 10 at SEMA

Over on MSN.com, NASCAR driver David Ragan, who drives for the #6 Roush-Fenway UPS Ford, posted his Top 10 Cars at SEMA and among the list is the Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod!

“We figure that by now, you’re probably pretty sick and tired of hearing our choices for the 10 best cars at every auto show we cover. So for this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association show, we decided it was time to do something special and turned to up-and-coming NASCAR driver David Ragan for his best-of-show picks. More than just a successful young racer, Ragan is a certifiable car geek, with a stout collection of his own and an impressive understanding of the technical as well as the historical, which makes for some interesting choices. As you’ll see, he’s really into American metal — specifically, old American metal, as in from the 1930s and ’40s. But that doesn’t stop him from appreciating good craftsmanship where it exists.”

James Tate of MSN Autos

Thanks David and MSN Autos for including us in your list! And congratulations to Henry Renaud whose Hot Rod was photographed for the article! Click here to view the entire list.