Factory Five Lands in Switzerland

It used to be that wealthy investors would hide their millions in Swiss bank accounts… Today there’s a different kind of treasure stored in Switzerland! A beautiful blue Factory Five Roadster!

Factory Five customer Ron E. has done a great job of building a few Roadsters over the last 10 years (more than 10 of them in fact!). Ron has built a loyal following locally, and now he’s added Europe to his customer list!


Ron’s classically styled FFR Mk4 Roadster has just taken up residence in Switzerland, and he sent us the photos of the iconic American muscle car parked in its new home. Ron built the Roadster for Ralph I., who recently moved back to his hometown of Wilen, Switzerland. Ralph just got the Mk3 titled in Switzerland the other week.

Congrats Ron for the great work, and for bringing American ingenuity, design, and craftsmanship to one happy Swiss guy!

Factory Five Racing