Factory Five Racers John G. and Pat M. Dominate at Limerock

For the second straight NASA race weekend, Factory Fives end up on the podium!  Factory Five racer Pat McMahon earned a first place finish overall on Friday, July 4th, in the rain (!) with John George in his Challenge Car finishing 4th behind a very fast Corvette.  John would qualify first on Saturday on the dry track with a blistering 57.987 lap time.

Pat McMahon pilots his modified Factory Five Roadster around Limerock.

Saturday’s race would see John George again in 4th and Pat McMahon in 6th overall.  In the second race on Saturday, John would inch up to 3rd place with Pat consistent in 6th.  Both racers averages lap times in the 58-second range, which if you have ever run at Limerock, is very impressive.

John George would end the weekend with two 4th place finishes and a 3rd place finish, and also qualified first overall on Saturday!

John George published a wonderful race report and videos from each race. Click here to read his report.

NASA Northeast Region at Limerock Park, Friday July 4th Race Final

NASA Northeast Region at Limerock Park, Saturday July 5th Race #1 Final

NASA Northeast Region at Limerock Park, Saturday July 5th Race #2 Final

Videos Courtesy John George Racing