Factory Five Heads to SEMA 2014!

We’ve got an epic show planned this year for SEMA!  At last count, there were 14 Factory Five cars scheduled for SEMA in various parts of the show and with a variety of companies.  We’ve been hard at work for the last few months getting these cars ready, and will be giving you guys daily reports from the show on our website, Facebook/social media pages, and forums.  Here are some pictures of the crew getting ready for this year’s show.

Tony and Joe sort through employee/partner badges.  We’ve got 13 employees and customer helpers scheduled to work the very busy Factory Five booth.

Karen Salvaggio is working the FFR booth and representing for the All-Women’s Build Team.

CherieLynn Westrich (with Factory Five’s Tony Zullo) will be helping the Factory Five crew at SEMA this year and also representing the All-Women’s 427 build.

The Hot Rod Magazine Special Edition ’33 will be in the Factory Five booth and the subject of a SEMA Show episode.

Our AWESOME paint sponsor Sherwin Williams will be unveiling an all-new line of 17 official Factory Five colors and our new 50th Anniversary 289 USRRC Roadster will be at the show.

We’ve built a new 818R rolling chassis to showcase the guts of the newest Factory Five.


Above & Below: We’re bringing a Factory Five GTM with new Sherwin Williams paint.


Susie from Graffiti Works applies sponsor decals onto the GTM.

The Factory Five 818R is wearing all-new Sherwin Williams colors and awaits Susie’s race decal treatment.

Jeremy from Luchini Designs (right) stopped by to help the crew out with the 818R.  Five times a day, Jim prays towards Laguna Seca.

Nate Johnson test fits a cool carbon fiber mirror from sponsor APR.

Tony fits the 818R rear spoiler bracket surround.

Tony helps Jim prep the always funny silicone in the face prank.

Master shaper John fits GTM door panels.

Jeremy helps Director of Engineering Jesper position the carbon fiber rocker panels.

Production has continued uninterrupted, but break time sees the race shop flooded with guys checking out the new rides.

Operations Manager Nate Johnson with Stewart driver Steve and a full load in the very cool new Stewart Transport-Factory Five trailer.


Above & Below: The new Stewart Transport-Factory Five trailer picks up a full load.


The 818R was repainted after running down at VIR three weeks ago.


Before & After: Susie’s decal talents.


Tony buffs out the ’33 Special Edition Hot Rod.

Hot Rod Magazine and Factory Five are showing off the Special Edition ’33 Hot Rod at this year’s SEMA Show.

The All-Women’s 427 build car will be at SEMA with 4 of the 5 team members including CherieLynn Westrich, Nan Gelhard, Jo Coddington, and Karen Salvaggio.


Above & Below: Factory Five customer Erik Treves will be joining the Factory Five crew and his 289 USRRC replica will be featured in the Factory Five booth.


erik-hansen-818Above: Factory Five customer Erik Hansen built this jaw-dropping electric-powered 818S (called the 818e) and the car will be featured at the 2014 SEMA Show.

Below: Erik’s 818e has an EV West electric drive system and has run FAST at Laguna Seca!


We have attended the SEMA Show for 16 years, and I always say if you’re a manufacturer in the automotive industry, you’re at SEMA.  And if you aren’t at SEMA, you aren’t in the automotive industry.  Factory Fives will show a strong presence this year and continue to lead the component car industry with engineering excellence, new designs, and high performance.

Dave Smith