Factory Five Stands Up for the U.S. Navy

We get a lot of nice letters from customers here at Factory Five and the other day, we received a GREAT one! U.S. Navy Captain Ryan Tillotson visited Factory Five recently and noticed that our military display included a cap from USS CARNEY. Captain Tillotson let us know that he was the Commanding Officer of USS THE SULLIVANS which is a sister ship to USS CARNEY!

Enclosed with the cap was an official Department of the Navy letter and Captain Tillotson plans on building a Type 65 Coupe once he returns from abroad.

Thank you for the kind words and the military cap, Captain Tillotson! They are both on proud display here at Factory Five. Next time you’re in the area, I would enjoy the privilege of dropping the hammer in our Type 65 Coupe with you.

FYI – Our materials manager Meredith Kay was a crew member aboard the USS JOHN F. KENNEDY.

Dave Smith
Factory Five Racing