Factory Five Supplier Enzo Alibrandi Passes Away

Many in the Factory Five community have purchased parts from Finish Line and Enzo Alibrandi (the owner). We are sad to bring the news that Enzo passed away last Tuesday at the very young age of 59 after a tough battle with cancer. I met Enzo at Carlisle in 1997 and he has been a hardworking, honest, and passionate supporter of Factory Five over the years. He will be missed tremendously.

Dave Smith

Finish Line’s Enzo Alibrandi and his wife Paula at the Carlisle Nationals in 1999.

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  1. Zullly on

    Dear Paula, i am Enzo’s cousin on his mother’s side. I had a dream last night that Enzo died. I called Venezuela but none of he numb worked. My last contact was with Andres. I am really sorry about Enzo..

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