Factory Five Survives Hurricane Irene

FFR Crew Back at Full Speed

The storm is replaced with a beautiful New England late summer day and a lot of relief...

The crew did an outstanding job of prepping the building for the storm and it survived without damage.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. One thing is immensely evident and that is thru hardship, Americans have a tradition of helping each other out.

While we are good here at Factory Five, five of our crew are without power at home, but all are safe. We are all safe and thankful to be in the clear.

Dave Smith
Factory Five Racing

The boarding and prep definitely made a huge difference.

Surprise photo of am staff meeting.

Bill and Paul were packing at 8 am sharp!

Stewart is a bit late, with cars waiting to be picked up, still the shortened 4 day week will be quite busy.

Jessie in Shipping has her iced coffee and is ready to rock!

Welding hit it hard first thing

Chris F. sets up a new Mk4 in the jig while Kevin works the finished spin jig

Chris gets going

Josh and Fred load new laser cut aluminum in chassis assembly under the watchful eye of a Gen 2 Coupe nose.