Factory Five Team Sends Mk4 to Russia

The Factory Five crew gets ready to load the Mk4 crate into a container heading for Russia.

Seems like we’ve been sending more and more Factory Fives overseas lately, today being a perfect example.  Factory Five’s Joe Scott has been working with customer Suren M. and Dmitry S. from Pro-Service in Moscow, Russia on making their Factory Five dreams come true.


Suren and Dmitry will be building a complete Mk4 Roadster kit equipped with a small block 427, TKO transmission, and Factory Five’s solid-axle rear end.  This car will ride on 15″ Halibrand replica wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich tires for a period correct look.

Factory Five’s Chris Ronni and Joe Scott help load the crate into the shipping container.

Will it fit?  Let’s hope so!

It was a tight fit, but everything is safe and secure in the shipping crate.  Next stop – Russia!

Enjoy the build, Suren and Dmitry!