Factory Five Thanks Henry R. and Our Troops

During the economic collapse in 2009, I learned what a great RESPONSIBILITY it is to be the owner of a company.  Today, I was reminded again what a great HONOR it is to do so.  My good friend and Factory Five customer Henry R. sent us a United States Flag that was flown in combat over Afghanistan in a B-1 Bomber.  Henry sent along a nice letter and signed certificate from the 37th Bomb Squadron.  You may remember that we posted a send-off for Henry back in March as he was being deployed (click here).  As a result of this, Factory Five is now a monthly sponsor of Fisher House, a charity that supports returning wounded veterans and their families.

Above: In March of this year, Henry stopped by the factory on his way out to deployment.


This flag joins eight other combat flags on display in our showroom that have been sent to us from customers who have served.

We have a great job here at Factory Five designing and building iconic sports cars, and we are very grateful that we have the freedom to do so.  On behalf of everyone at Factory Five Racing, I want to send out our thanks to ALL of our servicemen and women.

Dave Smith

Thanks to the crew who carried our flag, Capt. Marcus, Capt. Smith, Capt. Jarding, and 1st LT. Grifftt!

Henry has built numerous Factory Fives including a SEMA “Top 10” flat-head powered Hot Rod.

In honor of Henry and his fellow service members, Factory Five Racing is now a monthly sponsor of Fisher House.

The Factory Five crew gathers for a quick message.  Employees missing: Jay K., Fred A., Chris R., Kendall B.,  and Kevin G.