Factory Five Ties Run Deep

Visit from Mad Dog’s Dad

It has been said that the Factory Five community exists on a lot of different levels. We got to know our webmaster Dave Lindsey, a.k.a Mad Dog, after getting to know his dad Craig who had bought and built his Mk3 Roadster.

Mr. Lindsey stopped by the other day with his car and he and Dave went to lunch. His Patriot Blue Roadster has over about 20,000 miles on the clock and the unusually mild New England fall helped clock a few more recently. Nice job Mr. Lindsey on your car!

Dave Smith

Craig Lindsey's car sports a 351W stroked to 392 cu. in. with period correct 15" Halibrand Style wheels and traditional paint/interior.


A small break from tradition here with a set of carbon fiber rock guards.


Craig's car was bought in 2004 and now has about 20,000 miles on it.