Factory Five Ultimate Prom Date Ride!

These are the kind of letters that make my job so much fun!  Factory Five customer Bob C. built a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster with his son in less than one year.  The father-son project was posted on a our site a little while ago (click here to read the story).  Just last weekend, his son took the newly built car out for prom night with his date.  Below is the letter that I got from Bob.



I wanted to take time to send you these pictures of our MK-4. When we made the decision to buy the kit, we set a goal to have the car completed so my son could drive it to his Senior Prom. WE DID IT!  Here are a few pictures on the day of the event.  My son and I have about 450 hours invested in this build and it is time that neither of us will ever forget and we have the car as a reminder of that experience. I remember what you said when I met you at your office, that we would be building an heirloom and a memory. You were so right. I also want to tell you about one of your employees, Joe Scott.  He gave us such great support during our build. He is an asset  to your company. We finally met him at Carlisle last weekend, and he does a good job promoting the Factory Five products.





Click here to view the video of Joe driving the Mk4 Roadster to his senior prom.


I told Bob the truth about building a Factory Five. Years from now when we are gone, what is left of us remains in our children and in the memories we built with them. Family stories have always been at the heart of my upbringing.  Bob’s story will be told years from now in ways he cannot imagine, and everyone is honored and happy to have played a role in helping this happen.

Our job here at Factory Five is to provide a good, safe, well-engineered product at a good price. But underneath it all lies this truth that we share with people who build our cars. We BUILD. We build performance, we build value, we build careers, but we also build friendships, memories, family stories, and heirlooms of value beyond an eBay listing!

I took my prom date in my dad’s 1974 Pontiac Grand Prix (455 cu. in. 4 bbl awesome engine).  I’d say this generation is doing a little better!

Dave Smith