Factory Five Welcome Additions

We’ve made some quality additions to the Factory Five team as part of the 818 ramp up effort and in an effort to add depth to our tech services team! Meet the new guys:

Long time Factory Five customer Tony Zullo joins the team to add expertise and depth to the technical crew. Tony is a master mechanic and the Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod that he built as a customer and won “Best in Show” at the 2011 Worcester Summer Nationals. Tony also gained notoriety for his winning paint job on the TV show “Car Warriors” where his team’s East Coast ’33 Hot Rod ended up on top.

Guy Roy joins the tech support department as a replacement to Brian Z. Guy is a drift car instructor and gear head maximus.

Frank Kardok, a student at Clarkson University in Pottsdam, NY studying aeronautical engineering, is helping with the 818 engineering/development team.

Dave Correia was brought on to help out in shipping/receiving and packaging.

Chris Mello has an extensive molding background and was brought on to help with 818 composite body shaping.

Welcome to the recent additions to our team!

Tony Zullo from Car Warriors’ East Coast team joins the Factory Five team.

Dave Smith