Factory Five Wins at Babson Auto Club Show

Last weekend, I sent the Factory Five truck and Factory Five guys Dave C. and Dan G. up to the Babson College Auto Club car show.  This wasn’t the kind of show that we normally attend, but since my daughter goes to Babson College, and I heard that the guys from Turner Motorsports were going to be there, I sent our big truck.

Factory Five’s Dave C. shows off the “Best Exhaust Note” Award with Nate’s Mk3 Roadster.
I was busy in the morning at a charity golf event, and I drove over to catch the tail end of the car show.  Dave and Dan entered the Factory Five cars into an Exhaust Sound-Off where the Factory Five cars earned top spots.  Factory Five customer Jim K. showed up with his GTM (I just missed him), but he posted the decibel results on the Factory Five Forum.  Here’s what he wrote:

“I went with Factory Five this weekend to the Babson College car show. Lots of beautiful cars, Alfa c8, several Lambos , McLaren 12c spyder and my favorate a Spyker 8. Anyway back to the story. The organizers had an exhaust sound off so we said why not. FFR had brought the 33, 818r, Nate’s coupe and my GTM.

GTM 105 db (stock H-pipe) cats but no mufflers.
818R 105 db (enlarged turbo).
33 Hot Rod 106 db (Not sure of engine specs) rear exhaust.
Mk3 Roadster 112 db (5.0 with Powerdyne supercharger) stock side pipes.

Nate’s car took the loudest exhaust of the day of about 35 cars that entered. ”

The Factory Five big rig set-up at 10 AM with the 818R, the ’33 Hot Rod, and Mk3 Roadster.

It’s the first time we ever won an award for having a loud exhaust.  Seems strangely overdue.

At the end of the car show, we were loading up the car and my daughter asked if I could leave a trademark Factory Five signature on the student parking lot.  After getting permission from the security guards, I scrubbed-in Nate’s brand-new tires.  Video below.  Please don’t try this at home.