Factory Fives Racing in Europe 

“Your cars have great potential and are not too difficult to make really fast.” Robert Schwaiger from KRT Custom Speed has been running a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe-R and Challenge Car racing in Europe. He says, “the car developed well and we are pretty much at the lap times of a modern GT3 or DTM car like the 2022 Red Bull Ferrari AF Corse 488 GT3 DTM or the Red Bull Alphatauri GT3 DTM.”

KRT Custom Speed’s Coupe is preceded by their Factory Five Roadster Challenge Car. Both cars are from Whitby Motorcars and are built with modern racing standards. According to Robert, these cars run actual unrestricted Ford FR9 Engines by Roush Yates, 6-speed sequential gearboxes, racing differentials, Ohlins TTX40, and Brembo Racing Brakes. 

While the Coupe took some time off, it restarted its racing career in 2018. Some unique modifications since then included the Brembo Gran Turismo front and rear brakes, adding a rear wing, diffusor, carbon fiber canards and a lengthened carbon fiber splitter. The roll cage was also modified to be FIA compliant.

Before a few of these modifications, the Coupe was run in Hungary for testing. Check out this in-car cam from the coupe taking a 1:56.3 hot-lap at the Pannonia-ring with a top speed of 254 kph (157 mph), https://fb.watch/cbG8MBMgM2/.