Updated Info: February 14 – Join Us for Moochfest!

Important Moochfest Update:

Guys, I am sorry to tell you that we have to cancel this weekend’s Moochfest. I thought long and hard about it, and the truth is that we are jammed with snow in the parking lot, and despite our best efforts, I really don’t think we will have all of the snow and ice cleared sufficiently to host hundreds of guests. I simply can’t take the chance of someone slipping and falling/getting hurt. We MIGHT be able to reschedule it, but I wanted to at least let everyone know that this weekend is cancelled.

Dave Smith


Original Post:

Quite a few years ago, I found myself hanging out on a Saturday morning with a handful of Factory Five customers when someone mentioned that it was Valentine’s Day and here we were talking cars.  I guess since I was hosting, the guys figured I could at least buy them some pizza.  And so this winter tradition of Moochfest began.

That was 2003 and Moochfest has grown to become the unofficial “Winter Open House” here at Factory Five. This year, the event will be held on Saturday, February 14th from 9 am to noon. This is a super casual, laid back event, and a great chance to catch-up with old friends and talk cars when there’s not much car activity in the dead of winter.  We will have some pizza and something to drink.

We will have a few customer cars on display and you can check out some of our latest hardware.  The event is open to everyone, there is no registration needed, and all you have to do is show-up! This event is a great time to start planning for spring.

Dave Smith

Every year, a few brave souls like NASA National Champion John George brave the cold and drive their cars.

Moochfest is a good time to checkout some cars, relax, and catch-up with old friends.

The warehouse, welding, and molding areas will be open for tours.


We’ll have a small crew on hand to answer questions and show off a few things like our new laser cutter.